Training outside of the box

12 March 2013

How can you use a pool table to talk about sexual health, coffee cup rings to explore journey, or use conversation to help young people gain a new perspective?

These were some of the questions we explored last week as part of a training day we ran for youth workers. We often find that session plans don’t work out or we get stuck when it comes to helping a young person move on.In order to learn how to think on our feet, and work creatively with young people we invited our friend Jonny Baker to lead a day for the Urban Hope team and 34 other youth workers from as far as Manchester and Hastings.

The day was wonderfully interactive with exercises in newspaper editing and improvisational drama (We never knew that Byron was hiding his acting talents from us).

The youth work world is full of essential inside the box training such as safeguarding and best practice. We are seeking to add value by offering training and ‘think space’ events on themes that aren’t usually covered

… a little bit of innovative, outside the box thinking to equip, excite and invigorate youth work … that’s what we’re trying to do.

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