Happy New Year

5 January 2012

Happy New Year

We're back from our Christmas break and are loving reconnecting with all the Urban Hopefuls.

I wanted to share an email that we were sent by a 17 year old over the Christmas period which will stay with me throughout 2012 and will serve as a reminder of what we're about.

Dear UH,
Thank you for your presence.
Thank you for your presence, in absence of food,
Thank you for your presence, in absence of shelter.
Thank you for your support, in absence of a hand to hold,
Thank you for your brains, when I felt brain dead.
Thank you for being my megaphone, in absence of a voice,
Thank you for being my specs, when life seemed a little blurry.
Thank you for being my family, In absence of a mother, father.
Thank you. Its been a great year.

This young woman has put Urban Hope into words in a way that we could never do.


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