Happy New Year 2013

9 January 2013

Martin writes...

We find ourselves with another year gone and thinking about what happened last year and what is coming this year. Now that Christmas is over, the traces of celebrating the coming of the New Year are gone now we have to get used to normal life again.

This time of year is always filled with talk of new years resolutions, good and bad, those we might keep and those that we don’t. Everywhere we look someone seems to be talking about them, in the newspapers, online and now on the Urban Hope blog post.

Why do we go through the motions of talking about new years resolutions? It seems that not many of us do them or are successful at maintaining them for long. On Facebook at the moment there is a trend going around of doing a new years pay it forward. You put on your status that for the first five people to comment on it you will send them something special. There is probably divided opinion on this but there are plenty of people who think it is a great idea and are doing it. This is a good way to do something different and a little bit special for those we know. But how often do we do something special for those we might not know so well? Are there ways that we can do something different this year that requires more from us than a sort term commitment?

At Urban Hope we are currently looking ahead and planning out what we are doing in the different groups. Some groups are going to have a fresh approach to make the most out of them and try to make a bigger difference in the lives of those we work with. Some things will look the same but others will be different. It is our way of trying to make the most of what we have and do.

So this year as we continue what we do at Urban Hope but try to step it up and do some new things, what are you going to do? I’m sure you have had some ideas already as you read this. Maybe you are considering doing something new. If so, how about volunteering with us at Urban Hope? Consider it and why not contact Joy at joy@urbanhope.co.uk and see what you can do.

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