Music at Urban Hope

29 January 2013

Byron writes…

The musically gifted young people took the stage at Urban Hope’s music showcase in December. They performed in front of their pears, family members and the wider Urban Hope community. Each singer sang their song and lyricists shared their stories, riding a hard-hitting 808 beat, or were accompanied by young guitarists that tantalised our ears, the audience cheered on each strum, beat, note, and performance.

It was a success but within the time span of one hour and thirty minutes all of their hard work was over. Nobody would truly know the amount of time and effort that these young people had put into this show.

Throughout the weeks leading up to the show it seemed as if there were new obstacles trying to dishearten and prevent our young people from being apart of it. There were disputes about song choices, and young people dropping out of the show all together. There were several different points of the rehearsal process where it appeared as if there wasn’t going to be a show. But, we were privileged enough to have a group of dedicated young people who gave up their free time after school and were at every rehearsal, perfecting their craft and being advised and encouraged by our music tutors.

For many of them this was their first time performing on a stage or standing in front of an audience and as you can imagine that was a daunting experience, but I am proud to say that each performer showed great courage.

Here at Urban Hope we value self-expression and encourage our young people to do this in ways that are productive for themselves and the people around them. We are also aware that we can use performances just like this one as a means of bringing the community together.

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