19 March 2013

Joy writes...

Last week a girl told me, from memory the details of Justin Beiber’s birth. When, where, how long the labour was and what the weather was like. I was enthralled!

I confess I’m indifferent towards Justin Bieber, but find myself gripped by young people’s ability to give themselves 100% to something they care about, whether that is Justin Beiber, a football team or a perceived injustice.

Watching young people completely immerse themselves in something is a huge privilege and something I try to emulate in my own life.

However, we do hope that this passion and commitment that young people have can be applied to more than one pop star. At Urban Hope we seek to introduce other causes for young people to get passionate about. Equality, justice and honesty are key themes of conversation here and areas that young people really care about. And when given the opportunity have a lot to say on.

Being able to think creativity and having resilience have both been shown to improve people’s well being. Reimagining the status quo and being open to other points of view are key parts of being creative and having a sense of purpose and persisting in something builds up resilience.

Which is why we are getting the singing group to write a song about what makes them angry, and why we celebrated international day of the girl with our girls club and why we do Kiva loans with groups. Engaging with a cause is good for young people’s personal development, and it’s good for the rest of the world too, the energy and commitment young people give can really make a difference.

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