Check your ingredients before you overdose

1 February 2013


Ben Writes...

Inspired by the opening track on Lupe Fiasco's 'The Cool' I've done an Iocal re-write reflecting the context in which we work.

This is for journalists and politicians BUT ESPECIALLY youth workers ....

I'm tired of listening to youth workers sensationalise the issues in their communities. I know the temptation and I feel the need to raise funds ... but by using these situations to 'big-up' the majority of our work (which isn't of interest to the headline writers) we cheapen the significance of our work. We risk distorting the most commonly heard stories of the majority of young people who are struggling to overcome the pressure of being under-resourced and overlooked.

They thought it was cool to stab a kid at a bus stop

They thought it was cool to fire off guns in our park

They thought it was cool to smash up shops and set our streets on fire

They think its cool to squeeze new shiny housing blocks alongside the canal leaving The Blocks in shadows

She thinks she’s cool chilling on the step giggling while olders teach them about the street.

They think its cool to jack peds, shot ‘arry and ket,

He thinks it’s cool when he get to play a part in the west-end smash and grab

She thinks it would be cool to cast a group of friends in her weekend true life drama

They think it’s cool when they stop and search to show you who’s on top.


Cause the problem is we think it’s cool too

Check your ingredients before you overdose, on The Cool

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