Community in one of the most extreme environments in the World

22 March 2012

Fran writes…

We have a lot of young people who come into Urban Hope each week who are affected by the places they live. We hear about the high-rise, box-size, community-killing environments that so many young people grow up in, in our city.

I recently watched a 2-part program on 4OD, which was really interesting. The program followed Kevin McCloud exploring Dharavi, India’s most densely populated slum. Dharavi is described as “one of the most extreme urban environments on earth” but this place could show us how our western city planners and architects have gone so wrong.

Dharavi is a world of amazing juxtapositions. Containing open sewers, rats, disease and hazardous chemicals everywhere, but surprisingly it is revered by experts as having the answers to some of the biggest problems facing our Western cities. It is an astonishingly efficient place, which holds thousands of tiny industries and a strong sense of community and a joyous spirit.

The programme gave an amazing insight into community living and how it is so affected and dependent on the architecture surrounding the people.

It’s worth a watch….Click on the link below to view

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