Creating Sacred Spaces

29 May 2012

Joy blogs about her experience of working with a group of girls to create a safe space for sharing, reflection and support: a process which becomes sacred...

Each week we seek to create a sacredspace for 10 minutes at the end of girls club. We sit in a circle around asingle candle and invite each person to share something that matters to them,without judgement.

We introduce this time by remindingthe girls that what’s said in the space, stays in the space and that every onewill be heard; Phones are put away, silence falls and a question is asked:

What is the most beautifulthing you’ve seen this week?

What do you do when you’reangry or sad?

If you wanted to get politicians totake notice of you, what would you take a picture of?

Does anyone have anything theywant to share?

The answer is always ‘Yes.’

Over the last few months the grouphave shared bereavements, heartaches, personal achievements, exciting events,hopes, fears and dreams. The girls use the space to reflect, to expressthemselves, to ‘try on’ ideas and to take off masks. I am frequently encouragedby the care and gentleness the group show each other.

Last week, one of the young womenused the sacred space to tell the group that she is being bullied at school.The girls gathered round her and promised to shut down any rumours they heard,but not start any fights and told her they had her back. That young woman leftassured that she was loved, respected and known by a group of her peers - andthat’s sacred.

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