Exam Time

14 May 2013


Byron writes...
‘Exam time’ is for some young people the culmination of the last five years of school life and for others it can seem like the beginning of the end.

At Urban Hope this has been the hot topic for a couple of weeks and I have had some interesting conversations about it. Usually it goes something like this… I ask, “how is school” and the young person replies “Its alright a bit stressed with exams and that’ or I ask, “How is school” and I receive a blank gazing stare.

Many young people who regularly attend Urban hope are using their time to revise, which is excellent but there are also a few young people who have thrown in the towel before the bell has rung. Does this mean that it is the end? No! From our viewpoint we know that exams are extremely important but they are not the be all and end all.

The pressure of exams can be unbearable and can cause young people to feel out of control. We try to support the young people through this time as much as possible. One way we do this is by providing a supportive environment where the young people can revise and get their coursework finished.

We have been enjoying the hopeful message contained in this video, an have hope for all the young people we know whether they achieve the results they want or not.

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