Happy endings

31 May 2015

We received a rather special postcard today from a girl we’ve been working with for a long time. She’s been mentored here, come to clubs, cooked with us, eaten with us and joined us on residential trips. She’s had a really difficult time in the past couple of years following a move into foster care: she became involved with a gang and was engaging in a variety of high-risk activities.

Having known her for a long period of time (during which her school life, home life and social services support had changed extensively), we were able to provide a consistent backdrop. It’s that long-term consistent approach that we think enables us to provide something that young people often aren’t able to access elsewhere.

Things took a positive turn a couple of months ago. She’s now been moved out of the area and is living with a new foster family where she has settled well. “I miss you loads,” read the postcard. “I’m having a good time here, it’s different to London”.The message was happy, upbeat, funny – and receiving it was a really uplifting moment in our week. It’s up on the noticeboard now.

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