7 March 2012

Joy writes…

At Urban Hope we have the privilege of travelling with young people as they journey through adolescence. Sometimes those journeys arerelatively smooth and our role is to help them to navigate small bumps in the road. Other times the journey to adulthood takes young people into deep, dark caverns of seemingly endless pain.

For those young people hope is so important, but it’s easy to lose sight of it when confronted with their stories of despair. How do we keep travelling with young people, when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Recently I’ve been reflecting (with some very wise people) on the hope within pain, and have been challenged and reminded that when pain is shared with anyone there is hope.

There is hope because there is recognition that all is not well, and the belief, no matter how faint, that better or different exists, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, the person they are telling might be able to help them toward that. Even if that only means that in those moment, they are not alone with their pain.

The relationships we build with young people at Urban Hope bring hope- to young people and to us. In the dark caverns all we may be able to offer is a sliver of light and a hand to hold, but for those young people it’s infinitely better then travelling by themselves.

This is why at Urban Hope we start building relationships with young people aged 8 and stick with them for as long as they need. We invest time in one to one mentoring with young people. We want to be there as young people face struggles, ready to offer them ourselves and through that bring hope.

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