24 April 2013

Joy writes...
During half term I ran the ‘Beautiful’ course with a group of young women aged 10-12.

On Monday I asked them to look at themselves in a mirror and pick something they liked about their faces.

There was protesting and uncomfortable giggling and actual panic from the girls at the request.

The mirror was held in front of each girl until they could see something good.Then each girl was given a mirror each and in permanent marker the group wrote on it the things they liked about themselves, inside and out.

Each girl read out what was written on her mirror and then was affirmed in that by the rest of the group.

Those mirrors will probably end up at the bottom of a sock draw or under a bed with last years history book, but that’s ok because the message of liking yourself will be repeated to those girls and many more young people, every time they walk through the doors of Urban Hope.

On Friday I asked the group what a person with healthy self-esteem was like, they responded:

They walk with their heads held high,

They are kind and caring,

They are happy with themselves,

They follow their dreams,

They don’t care about what other people think,

They wear what they want,

They enjoy what they do

They stand up for themselves.

That’s what we want for young people, and that’s what Beautiful@ Urban Hope is about.

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