Moments of breakthrough

12 May 2015

Joel writes…

Working with young people can be quite an emotional rollercoaster: excitement, frustration, annoyance, pride… they all play a part. When a young person comes to see us for the first time, we have no idea of their backstory. Our approach is always to be friendly and welcoming and show a genuine interest in them.

Young people often aren’t that friendly back. There can be a lot of hostility at the start: awkward conversations that feel like they drag on for hours, times when a young person calls you ‘moist’ or just walks off leaving you sitting on your own. But those situations offer windows of opportunity: each one gives you tools to be better prepared for the next conversation. It can take weeks or months, sometimes even years to make a breakthrough.

That breakthrough might just be smile or being asked how your weekend was, or it might be a when a girl feels comfortable enough to eat something at club after months of helping with food preparation, or a boy finally gives you his real name and starts to talk about what he wants from life. Big or small, those breakthroughs are hugely satisfying and full of hope.

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