New Beginnings

2 October 2012

Byron writes...

Every now and thenthings change… Like, the people we see on a daily basis may disappear and leavea dent where you thought they would always be, or the young girls, whoconstantly fall out with one another and before you know it they are “bffs” bythe end of the week!

This is all normal, butthere comes a time when real life-altering changes occur that can be a bitfrightening, such as going to secondary school or starting a new job; or itcould be moving out from your parents house and living on campus while youcontinue onto higher education.

Even though change isnot always an easy transition if we want to move forward we must be willing togive it our all.

From my experiences ofchange it can either build you up or tear you down the choice is yours. Changedoesn’t mean your going to get it right the first time or second time or in mycase the third time but you must be willing to learn and give it ago. Changecan open the door to great and new opportunities in life so embrace it with openarms.

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