New Kid on the Block

10 October 2013

I am only five weeks into my new job here at Urban Hope. Starting something new can always feel a bit daunting. Whether it’s a new school or a new job the biggest worry can be building relationships with friends and colleagues rather than the work set before you.

Building relationships with young people is a key part of our work here and it can be hard to come into a place where strong relationships already exist. Urban Hope works with people for a long time some of the workers here have known ‘young’ people for almost twenty years. The relationships that are built with the young people at Urban Hope extend beyond the 11 to 18 brackets. Young people who are eighteen and above continue to come back consistently to share meals and their lives with those who have spent time to get to know them.

Coming as a new face to this established project feels like meeting your girl/boyfriends family for the first time. You want to be open and allow people to know you but also don’t want to be too forward, knowing that you want to build relationships that will develop naturally overtime. It’s important to keep in mind that it will take time; over weeks, months and years relationships build grow and deepen. The long-term approach that Urban Hope has to working people (young and beyond) allows us to be there throughout the highs and lows of life.

We are not just youth work project, we describe ourselves as a youth and community project, but more than that we often look like a large family. And I’m just being welcomed in…

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