'on a residential'

16 September 2012

Ben writes ....

I’ve just slept for 13 hours!

This almost never happens apart from when I’ve been 'on a residential' weekend with young people…. It’s exhausting! Partly because of my introvert tendencies and partly because anyone would be shattered after aweekend of late nights, early mornings and non-stop activity.

There’s an intensity to weekends away which comes not just from the activity but from the investment we are all required to put into relationships in order for all to go well.

There is also an intensity from the freedom that young women feel when they get away from all the pressures of life at home. They respond to the invitation to come away to the countryside, take risks, overcome fears, and work as a team.

Navigating the changes of adolescents is often hard for young people and so often we meet young people who have additional pressures of limited resources, caring for family members or feeling the loss of absent parents or loved ones in prison.

Getting away for a weekend of exhilarating new experiences and liberating freedom can, in our experience give young people a resource on which to draw when navigating life back at home which is why we love taking young people away ‘on a residential’

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