Safety Matters

17 February 2015

Alex writes…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been interviewing young people for a little publication that we’re putting together about Urban Hope and what happens here. It’s been a real privilege to hear them talk openly about issues like anger, isolation and broken relationships, and how their relationships with adults here help them deal with those things, and conversely, what makes them feel happy and valued, and how they find that here. But the phrase that came up more than any other is this: 'I feel safe here'.

We describe Urban Hope as a project that offers ‘safe spaces, positive relationships and new experiences’. We tend to talk more often about the relationships and experiences aspect of youthwork, and it’s easy to forget that for young people – no matter how self-assured they seem – feeling safe and protected is still absolutely crucial to their wellbeing, and something they value over everything else.

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