30 October 2012

Martin writes...

This morning as I was walking to work a group of men were setting up scaffolding around a house. What grabbed my attention was one man in particular who was three floors up. He was near the top of the highest vertical pole holding on with his legs and at the same time securing the next vertical pole to the top of the one he was clinging onto.

To say that building scaffolding must be difficult and scary at times might be stating the obvious, but it got me thinking about what we do at Urban Hope.

What we do is similar to scaffold building in the sense that we try to build a supporting platform for young people in order to help them through their daily lives. Some of the support that we offer can be simpler than others likes creating a safe place to hang out and for them to be themselves, other times it can be more difficult. The challenge is to try and work out what does the support look like in these times when the young people find themselves in a difficult situation. How do we venture to the edge of the current platform with them and add a new piece on and then step out to the new area with them.

What we hope to achieve is a supported area that can provide access for others to go somewhere that was not as accessible beforehand. It enables people to go higher or further than might have first thought possible. For the young people this might mean being supported through a difficult time with their education or dealing with some difficult time in their life. We aim to provide the support and security as they venture out into the new situation. The scaffolding that we offer does not mean it is easy or carefree, it can still seem scary but it could be a lot worse without the added help and support of the scaffolding.

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