10 October 2013

I recently read a book called ‘Raising Girls’ by Steve Biddulph, which is explores how parents, aunties, grandparents and other adults in the lives of girls and young women can help them reach their fullest potential.

One of the ideas in the book was the one of everyone having a spark..

Biddulph writes: ‘children and young teenagers almost always have something inside them-an interest, enthusiasm, talent or concern- which,if it is supported, gives them incredible joy, motivation and direction. That thing is theirspark.’

He goes on to say that one of the roles of the adults in the lives of children and young people is to help them find and pursue their spark, whatever it is, because young people who do, are more engaged with education, are more confident, and are less likely to get in trouble with the law.

One of the values at Urban Hope is responsiveness, meaning that we keep ears open to the voices of young people in our community. We listen to what young people are interested in and passionate about and we give them opportunities to try new things and have to new experiences.

We help young people figure out what their sparks are, and then we help them pursue them.

Through enabling young people to make music, join rugby teams, volunteer or learn how to canoe, we fan and kindle the sparks within young people, which go on to light the fires of passion and joy throughout their lives.

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