Summer time

11 August 2013

Joy writes...

People often assume that the holidays are an amazing time for all young people, that the absence of school and seemingly endless free time can only be a good thing. However for some young people summer time is hard. They don’t get to go away, or spend extra time with their families. For some it can be a lonely and boring time.

Which is why at Urban Hope the summer means we head into the local parks and hang out with young people, offering them lots of fun things to do from trips to tennis coaching, culminating with a community fun day at a local community centre.

We’re there to offer friendship and a sense of belonging. Some young people will see us almost every day of the summer.

Summer is a time for us to focus on getting to know young people and their families really well. We try and spend as much time as we can out of Urban Hope HQ to really focus on creating solid relational foundations, that we often build upon for years.

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