The Izzy Cup Experience

28 August 2012

Last week our boys club took part in the Izzycup, which is a football tournament where teams from all the youth clubs in Islington are invited.

Byron writes

‘Disaster hit us as we began, we had underestimated our opponents. Presuming victory because of their height we said, “they don’t stand a chance!”

As our opponents made contact with the ball the score said other wise- repeatedly! Our hope began to be tested the once confident team began to waver.

When the final whistle blew the blame was kicked about more then the football and the teams spirit was crushed.

The disappointment increased within the players and the tournament, as not everyone entered into the spirit of the tournament.

The team was at each other’s throats and the captain was the main target but the tournament continued and half of the team had given up but as “shackles” and “Today was a good day” was blasted through speakers the atmosphere changed. The boys began to work as a team as they used each other’s strengths on the pitch to successfully draw and then win a game. Even though the boys were disappointed that they didn’t win the tournament they pulled together and had a really good time doing it!

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