Together we're better

26 February 2013

Martin Writes... The Izzi cup was a popular conversation topic for the boys I met on my arrival at Urban Hope.

It is a tournament for Islington Youth Clubs, which takes place in our local park. Now it’s my turn to gather the boys for the forthcoming cup.

Preparation for the tournament enables us to work within an activity that the boys are passionate about and has shaped our terms theme of team work. There have been opportunities to explore the dynamics of being team players and building collaborative relationships. Developmental work such as this is part of our work towards the greater aim of equipping these boys for adulthood.

Activities such as decorating t-shirts with name and number and communication exercises have helped the boys to understand that success in football is about more than being able to shoot on target.

The boys did really well and won third place medals in the Izzi cup last week – a great achievement. They tell the story of how they weren’t doing so well at the beginning of the tournament but once they started working as a team they got better.

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