We're bringing console games to life in Hoxton

21 March 2014

Spencer asks ...

“How good are you at Fifa skill games? But not on your console, in real life!?” This is the challenge we have given the young people on the Colville estate.

Every Tuesday and Friday we head down to a football cage in the centre of the Colville estate, Hoxton with our hand made football targets and an open challenge to show how good you are at real life Fifa skill games. If you’re not sure what this is the idea is to hit all four targets setup in the goal in, “This is so easy, watch!”, is often the reply from new challengers. We’ve found it such a good way to break the initial contact barrier with young people we haven’t met before, also it seems to encourage those we already know to brave the cold and come out and kick a ball around.

The football cage is visible from the flats on the estate so some of the young people can look out of their window and see us play. Over the winter period to have a football and hot chocolate wasn’t always enough to bring people out of the homes, however the targets have given us an edge over the cold weather.

Some people say that young people don’t go and outside and play as much as they should these days, why would they with game consoles, Facebook, YouTube etc.Perhaps a challenge for youth workers today (especially those who do detached work) is to find and create different ways to make outdoor play fun, interesting and challenging!

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