What do you do?

17 September 2013

Joy writes...
When I tell people I’m a youth worker they often look at me quite confused. Lots of people aren’t quite sure what I do.

Last week while I was hoovering Urban Hope HQ I was reflecting on the fact that, in the name of youth work that day I had been chef, advisor, cleaner, manicurist and teacher, and I suddenly understood one of the reasons people get so confused!

At Urban Hope youth work takes different forms,: cooking lessons, mentoring, football coaching, and so on, but there are some core values behind every role that may be put on that keeps us youth workers.

Everything we do is focused on the holistic development of young people, and no matter what we do, young people should be empowered and should be learning and reflecting.

At Urban Hope we aim to be intentional about all the stuff we do. Singing, cooking and playing football, watching a film, or just having a chat, are all opportunities to help young people develop...

and that is what I do.

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