What do you want? And how are you going to get it?

26 January 2015

Joy writes…

This term during our Monday evening sessions, we’ve been asking young people to go beyond the short-termism of New Year's resolutions and explore their dreams.

We started by talking about our aspirations in different areas of our lives, and about how the demands that other people and society make of us might get in the way of us achieving them. We considered what a ‘dream body’ really looked liked, and talked about the role of healthy eating and exercise. And we talked about dream holidays and tried food from around the world.

There is a practical goal underlying all this: a number of our Monday evening hopefuls are working towards GCSEs and we’re keen to motivate them. We hope that by having a dream in mind they'll keep working despite feeling stressed or unsure about what the future holds, that they will see doing the best they can in their exams as the first step towards achieving what they want in life.

The size or scale of the dream doesn’t really matter: one wants to be a tattoo artist, one dreams of world travel and another wants to make his own music track. Sometimes, just passing the exam, or reaching the end of the week without getting kicked out of class, is the dream in itself.

So, some of their aspirations are achievable and some aren’t but we want to be the people who say ‘great – and how are you going to make that happen?’ rather than dismissing them outright. We want them to dare to dream, and then make the connection between taking control over their own lives and moving closer to making those dreams a reality.

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