Who is your favourite superhero?

16 December 2013

There has been a heated debate that has emerged during our Thursday drop in sessions, which is yet to be concluded. The argument is who would win in a battle, the alien from the planet Krypton ‘Superman’ or the world’s greatest detective ‘Batman’. Each young man has their argument for why they believe their super hero would be victorious and they could defend them to the end.

As they each share their many perspectives of this epic battle, I am amazed at the amount of detail and creativity that they have put into their arguments. Even though these characters are fictional and therefore there is no definitive answer these boys love it and will not mind telling you all about it. The truth can be said this is not everybody’s cup of tea, as many of the young people looked perplexed at the amount of depth and emotion that this group of young men displayed but they couldn’t care less.

What I find so significant about this are the young people who are involved in this debate and how this subject continues to bring people from different age groups and cultures together. Having a safe space where you can share similar interests enables young people to build newfound friendships with other young people who they may have never spoken to.

Here at Urban hope we aim to provide a space where young people can come and be themselves and share their interests, their opinions and feel confident about who they are.

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