Working with family

19 August 2013

Joy writes... People often say you should think twice before you work with your family...

But at Urban Hope, we don’t hesitate. This summer we had the privilege of employing Joel, a 20 year old man who has been part of the Urban Hope family for at least 10 years.

Over this summer Joel has been coach, role model and friend to a number of young people who otherwise wouldn't have had much to do and we couldn't be more proud.

2 years ago Joel left Islington to go to university.It’s always bittersweet to see young people move on, but no matter where they go on to, they remain part of our community, and people often come back, to check in with us and to help us out.

One of the core values of Urban Hope is a commitment to long term working and we use an extended family model.

Which means that as they choose to, young people have the opportunity to belong to a community to that supports them as they grow and face different challenges. This community supports each young person for as long as they need and wish it to, regardless of where they end up.

We are there when young people get their first secondary school uniform.

We’re there when they fall out with their best friend and when they make up.

We talk year 9s through choosing their GCSE options and year 11s through what happens when they get their results.

We calm young people down after the latest row with their parents, brush with the law or fight with school and we remind them that all is not lost after their first big break up.

We help them apply for uni and we’re there congratulating when they get their first job.

Joel was asked what it was like working at Urban Hope, He answered 'It's like home, like working with family.'

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