Try something new


we love to help young people find the things that they are good at or really enjoy doing. This means that we have a very varied programme of activities.

Sports & exercise

Each summer we take on a small team of sports coaches to teach young people tennis, table tennis and basketball - all based in the Rosemary Gardens. Tennis is always the most popular and for many young people the only opportunity they will get to have formal lessons.

Throughout 2017 we have run a series of sports tasters, giving Hopefuls the chance to try sports and activities that they've expressed an interest in, from Zumba and street dance to MMA and boxing.

Food & cookery

Much of what we do with young people at drop-in sessions revolves around the kitchen. Not only does this give young people to learn how to cook and enjoy fresh, healthy food, it also provides great opportunities for us to get to know them better – some of our best conversations happen while chopping vegetables or sitting round a table together enjoying a meal we've all helped to prepare.


We are very excited to have recently launched Hopeful Voices (est. September 2017) led by wonderful musician and youth music pioneer Rachel Lindley.

We also run ad-hoc DJ masterclasses as and when young people want to try them out.

Art & photography

We tailor our sessions to what young people most want at any given time. In the past couple of years, a number of Hopefuls have been interested in photography and sketching so we've run mini courses on these.

If you are a young person and there's something you'd love to try, please get in touch!


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