We are a community project accompanying young people through adolescence. We want to help young people to reach their potential, grow up healthy, be part of society and be good neighbours. We want them to achieve their dreams but if they don't, we want them to be able to reflect positively on what's happened and learn from it.

Our values

We’re urban

Living and working in inner London requires skills and values that are specific to an urban context. We have worked hard to craft models of work and a skilled team to address the issues faced by young people and their families living in communities like ours.

We’re hopeful

We are motivated by hope. Many of the young people we know are often described as ‘hopeless’. We work to bring about positive change in their lives.

We’re relational

Our starting point is the building of purposeful relationships with individual young people.

We’re long-term

We have been doing this for more than 20 years and we plan to keep going. Young people are usually members of Urban Hope for many years. We think that a long-term approach is necessary and effective in meeting young people’s needs.

We’re flexible & responsive

One of the many benefits of being small, independent, relational and working with young people in small groups, is that we are able to adapt quickly to community trends and needs, offering solutions and help that are relevant and necessary in the present.

We’re local

We are rooted in our community and are well-known and accountable to those who live here. Most of our team live in the community in which we work. We are not a large organisation with national and regional targets, we are small and community-focused.

We believe in young people and their potential.


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