International Day of the Girl Child

7 October 2012

Ben writes ...

This week we will be celebrating the first ‘International Day of the Girl Child'.

Here at Urban Hope we have made every effort to welcome and support girls. We have tailored our programmes, activities and organisational culture to address the needs of local girls.

It’s often the boys who grab the headlines … with stories ofviolence, drugs and robbery whilst the stories of girls are often invisible and go unreported. This results in support services and youth provision being aimed at the needs of boys which is reflected in the low numbers of girls involved in youth projects both here in Islington throughout the UK.

Earlier this year we took part in a piece of ethnographic research, observing the lives of different young people in our community. One of the most striking conclusions of this report was that the risks that girls in our community face are often very different to those of boys and have long term effects. Whilst the boys are grabbing the headlines, many girls are victims of violence and abuse,suffering from eating disorders and unplanned pregnancies, and in ten years time, they are more likely to be be the single parent in an unsupported household.

It's our hope that the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child will bring the plight of girls both in our community and around the globe into the consciousness of the powerful.

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