Not my crime, still my sentence

10 June 2013

Stigma, Social isolation and Shame... these are issues faced by many Urban Hopefuls because they have a parent in prison. Please join us insigning the e-petition to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining contact via regular prison visits and phone calls.

Not my Crime, Still my Sentence

Nearly 1 million children in Europe have a parent in prison.

25% of these kids are at high risk for mental health illness, a statistic recently discovered during the COPING Project.

The sentence of their parent becomes a sentence they also serve as a result of their vulnerability to stigma, social isolation and shame.

Research has proven that maintaining regular quality contact with the imprisoned parent improves the self-esteem and well-being of this group of children – but throughout Europe there are few support systems in place to promote this contact for the benefit of the child.

The campaign targets a member of European Parliament, this year Jean Lambert from the UK.


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