Nicole's Story

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Since a young child, I have not had the easiest of lives. Trusting was a difficult thing for me. I began my journey at Urban Hope as a young teen who had many hurdles to overcome.

Alongside the staff at this youth club, I was encouraged to keep focused and achieve high grades in my studies. I am grateful for all the motivation and support I received through my key stages of my life. After experiencing such a smooth transition through my teenage years, I felt the need to now take a position of work in this amazing company to help other young people the way I was assisted.

I will forever be grateful for Urban Hope and the way they all treat each other. Urban Hope is more than just a youth club to me, they are a family unit. I have never been prouder! I am happy to be involved in improving and advising the lives of the younger generation.

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