Our youth club is a food-based centre where there are a variety of activities to help young people make new friends and gain skills important to their growth and independence.


Monday night club is a refreshing way to begin your week. In the session there are a variety of different activities, including, pool, table tennis, arts and crafts and more. It is always a very sociable experience and we always receive some type of food (main or desert, sometimes both). Some weeks the young people assist the workers with cooking while other weeks the workers will treat us to a ready cooked meal. Monday is for our older group, aged 11-19.


Wednesday night club is always a very active night at Urban Hope. This is our younger group’s session for those aged 8-11. There are always many activities set up in the upper and lower hall to avoid boredom for our young people. Just like any other night there is always food ready to eat- we do encourage the young people to help the workers and gain new culinary skills at a young age. 


Thursday night club is an additional session for the older group aged 11-19. This is normally a more calm atmosphere where we all engage in group discussions but other activities are also available to ensure we suit all needs. Food is available here as well, we do attempt to get the young people helping the workers to improve independence and skills. 


Girls Group is set up to empower and support young women.


We deliver a weekly session where those who identify as female are welcome. The sessions are focussed, and youth led which means that the young people will direct us in the direction they would like to go and we try to accommodate this (within reason). Whether it be journaling and meditation or having a movie night with a Chinese (Yes! Really! A Chinese) there is always fun to be had with the new team.  


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